Are you an international buyer looking for the ultimate place for buying T-shirts? Without doubt ROUGH can be the best choice that you can find. As one of the leading men’s T-shirt brands in Sri Lanka, widely sold at any hi-fashion retail outlet, ROUGH is reputed and trusted not only in the domestic market but also in the global market.

The reason is simple! We produce every single T-shirt with a passion for fashion. The passion that drives our business has helped us specialize in all the t-shirt manufacturing processes and activities.

Dedicated building with special designing, styling, cutting, stitching, ironing, fine-tuning, packaging and storing units.

ROUGH T-shirts singing the rhythm of youth are designed at one of the leading contemporary designing departments in South Asia to represent the desires of youth.

Over 350 well-trained dedicated staff at work ensuring each garment produced at the factory is a masterpiece.

Serving over 400 retail outlets in Sri Lanka and supplying to various Middle East countries and other global markets, have resulted in achieving economy of scale that is passed on to our buyers in the form of best quality garments at the best price and greater margins.

Well-streamlined manufacturing process impacted by over 17 years of experience. As a result without any lapse, the orders will be delivered on time at optimum quality.

Prompt sampling and approval process ensures the best-ever purchase experience for our buyers. Along with the best practices in manufacturing and packaging, no loopholes will be left in matching the buyers’ specifications as a flawless communication flow prevails between the buyer and ROUGH.

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