The eye-widening range of finest fabrics sourced from the world’s best suppliers is accumulated at our state-of-the-art factory for further processing. Each and every piece of the fabric goes under a strict quality control process and is well-tested for durability. ROUGH T-shirts are essentially manufactured by using vibrant cotton-blended fabrics in order to assure comfort, long-lasting usage and better luster. Our striking fabrics are proven to have the finer drape, super softness and less possibilities of getting wrinkled due to its perfect blend of cotton and other premium fibers.

Keeping in mind the ever rising need for fashionable garments, especially the stylistic desires of the global market for chic-wears like T-shirts, we design each and every T-shirt exceptionally and carefully. Our tasteful designing of T-shirts is just like crafting a raw diamond which was formerly just a charcoal and turning in to a gem. Our T-shirt styles never stick to a stereotyped formula. Our ranges of designs are original, unique and flamboyantly fit any occasion and person located in any part of the world. Our in-house designing unit is well specialized in serving various niche markets of T-shirts for men.

Any piece of apparel becomes the masterpiece of the manufacturer if it’s cleverly cut at the right place at the correct measurements. A great-fitting knitted wear emerges due to the cuts of the experts. Not all can cut the fabric in a way that makes an outstanding outfit.  We at ROUGH cautiously cut the sleeves, pockets, collars, decorative trims, front and back pieces of the garment according to the designs sketched at the designing unit, the dimensions of the patterns, the textures of the fabrics and the sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large of the garment.

The art of connecting the bits and pieces of fabrics and producing T-shirts that look just perfect on the wearer is something very technical that cannot be mastered by all. But we do possess the know-how of manufacturing T-shirts that are adorned by any international buyer. Our superior T-shirt stitching process includes flexible hem with adequate tension to improve the stretchability of the fabric, aptly attaching sleeves, pockets, collars, trims and neckbands and seamless stitching the seams.

Jaw-dropping finest T-shirts ever in progress at this stage! Being the pioneering T-shirt manufacturers in Sri Lanka, Fashion Works, the mastermind behind the range of ROUGH T-shirts, are well decorated and ornamented at this stage. Unlike many other men’s wear, T-shirts precisely represent the wearers’ tastes, attitudes and personality. Especially the decorative features such as embroidery works, screen print designs and patchwork fabrics convey many unspoken words about the wearer. Understanding this fact, we work tirelessly in order to understand the latest trends and fashions.

It’s just that extra piece of magic that enlivens the soul and spirit of the wearer. Every single aspect of a ROUGH T-shirt is ensured of a quality finish, fit for purpose and complete look. Each handpicked men’s T-shirt that comes out of our factory premises carries the pride of Sri Lanka, the brand’s reputation built since 1998, and assurance of supreme quality. The various types of T-shirts manufactured in Sri Lanka by ROUGH enter the local as well as international markets subsequent to perfect ironing, tight control over the flaws in the fabrics, accessories, thread, stitching and styling and sound packaging. ROUGH collection ranges from casual to cocktail, comfort, classic, chic to corporate are ensured with the best fitting and finishing.