Let it be either impressing the significant-other, winning a casual corporate deal, becoming an integral part of the family, shinning at a friends’ reunion, becoming the rock-star at a party or whatever you name it, ROUGH is the absolute choice of men in Sri Lanka.

Revolving the Sri Lankan T-shirt market since 1998, Rough is a well-renowned masterwork by Fashion Works. Unparalleled quality standards, state-of-the-art factory, well-managed workforce, cutting edge designing unit, and an uncompromised passion for fashion set ROUGH apart from its competition locally as well as internationally.

ROUGH is not only adored by the Sri Lanka’s leading hi-fashion outlets but also by the international buyers and retailers for its superior quality, eye-catchy designs, coolest colour combinations and the ultimate comfort and confidence that men enjoy by wearing ROUGH.

Our Products

  1. Rough

    Bringing out the sporty man inside of you.

    The best collection for any occasion with more designs and variety

  2. Rough Polo

    The classic choice of the corporate man

    Featuring simple designs adorned by professional-looking patterns.

  3. One-on-One

    That Sassy and Fit Look for Young Men  

    Well-mercerized cotton collection for long-lasting usage

  4. Rough Boys

    Introducing the Next-generation Fashion

    Vibrant collection of T-shirts for young boys

  5. Rough Design

    Climate Enthused Designs and Colours

    That casual long-sleeve, round-neck series that you fall for

  6. R – Q

    Finest Clothes to Indulge in for a classy look 

    Luster fabrics with an elegant touch of completeness

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with an incomparable selection of ‘casual wear’ with fashion and an enjoyable lifestyle, by providing best quality reasonable branded T-shirts.

Our Vision

To be Sri Lanka’s most desired and trusted T-shirt brand of international reputation.

Our Brands

RoughLogo1 polo oneonone.

17Years of Expertise
400Outlets and Showrooms
350Dedicated Workforce
1000Unique Designs